How to Limit Character Length in a Cell in Excel

One of the amazing applications of Excel is data gathering. Excel can be used as a form or a questionnaire. After you gather some statistics, you can perform powerful analysis. When gathering data, you may enforce some limitations, such as the number of characters (character length) in a cell.

In this tutorial, we will learn how to limit character length in a cell in Excel.

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Limit Character Length

We can easily limit character length in Excel using Data Validation. Data Validation enables controlling/validating the type or characteristic of data entered in a cell. In this case, the feature that we’ll control is text length.

Let’s do it!

Step 1: Go to the Data tab in Excel.

Go to the Data tab in Excel

Step 2: Select the cell you want to limit, and click on the Data Validation icon in the Data Tools part of the Excel ribbon.

Open Data Validation

The Data Validation window will open.

Step 3: In the Data Validation window, click on the dropdown menu under “Allow:”, and select “Text length”.

Select Text length in the dropdown menu

Step 4: Click on the dropdown menu under “Data:” and select “less than or equal to” if you want to set a maximum number of characters.

Select less than or equal to

This will allow you to limit the number of characters to be less than or equal to a specified number.

Step 5: Type the maximum number of characters inside the “Maximum:” text box, and click OK.

Type the maximum limit value

Now the cell looks like a regular Excel cell, and you can enter anything you want:

Valid number of characters in cell

When you exceed the number of maximum characters, a pop-up error will appear, indicating you have violated the data validation restrictions of the cell:

Invalid number of characters in cell

You can press Retry and enter text that has less than 10 characters.

Using the same steps, you can also select a minimum text length using the “greater than or equal to” setting. You can also set a minimum and maximum text length using the “between” setting:

Minimum and maximum text length limit using between

This way, gathering data (or unsorting data included) in Excel is much more controlled.

In this tutorial, we learned how to limit character length in a cell in Excel using the Data Validation tool. Nice job!

Now that you know about limiting character length, limit the placement of these characters in the cells.

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