How to Make Excel Default on Mac (iOS)

When you make Excel your default app, it can help you get the best visibility of your files. Whether you are dealing with CSV, XLS, XLSX, or others, Excel helps make each file look more polished. 

Excel is more diverse, with more than four hundred functions, compared to Numbers, with more than 200. Moreover, Excel is more compatible than Numbers. Thus, if you are working with a broad group of people, using Numbers can be a deterrent to those that do not have an iOS operating system.

This article will guide you through the steps to change your default app on Mac.

Make Excel Default on Mac:

1- You will first want to go to the Finder icon.

finder icon mac

2- At the Finder icon, you will select the file by right-clicking and clicking the Get Info.

get info on mac

3- You will then use the Info window and click the Open With section to expand it.

excel open with mac

4- Once you have clicked the dropdown, you will choose Microsoft Excel.

make Excel default on mac

5- Since you want to make Excel your default, you should press Change All beneath the dropdown.

6- Now Excel is your default app on Mac!

Using Excel as your default app tends to be much easier than using Numbers. You get more tools, and you have more of a chance to share your spreadsheets. Plus, Excel has the benefit of not losing speed when you work on more extensive spreadsheets. If your Excel is opened on startup every time you sign in to your computer, you can fix it for a quick startup.

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