How to Make a Scatter Plot in Excel

How to Make a Scatter Plot in Excel (2024)

Do you have columns of quantitative data in your Excel sheet that only consist of a list of figures? How can you visualize and analyze the relationship between this quantitative data at a glance? Through … Read more

Example of what happens once the dot in the chart is configured to have a black color and border.

How to Create a Forest Plot in Excel?

Also known as the “blobbogram”, a Forest Plot is a graph showing a visual comparison of the scientific or clinical studies conducted on a particular case or study. It is often used in medical and … Read more

Sample dot plot chart with the dots resized and dot borders added.

How to Create a Dot Plot in Excel?

A dot plot (also known as a strip plot or a dot chart) is a graphical representation of data plotted using dots in the x- and y-axes. It is commonly used in statistics to show … Read more

Sample 3-D Surface chart.

How to Make a Contour Plot in Excel?

A contour plot is a visual representation of a 3-dimensional surface. It plots the contours (or the constant z slices) in a 2-dimensional format. Lines are drawn to connect the x- and y-coordinates where the … Read more

Positive numbers on the primary axis

Tornado Chart in Excel (Easy Learning Guide)

A tornado chart in Excel is a useful tool for sensitivity analysis and comparison. As it greatly helps an efficient comparison between two variables, it is commonly used by businesses and professionals for decision-making purposes. … Read more